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Specialty Acts

Are you looking for something different that will add a sparkle to your event? Why not try one of our Specialty Acts? Endless Music Entertainment has Showgirls, German Beer Garden Girls, Hula Dancers, Santa Claus, Christmas Carolers and many other talented entertainers that will definitely enhance the atmosphere of your party or themed event. Please take a look at some of the talent we have listed below and remember that this is only a sample of what we have on our ever growing talent list. If you don’t see something that you are looking for, just contact one of our event planners today for more details on how we can help with your special event!

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Polynesian Dancers / Hula Girls

Las Vegas Showgirls

Beer Garden Girls

Santa Claus

The Christmas Carolers

Events catered to include, but is not limited to: Holiday Parties, Christmas Parties, Anniversary Parties, Birthday Parties, Wedding Receptions, School Events and more.

These Entertainers are Based in Las Vegas and will travel
Southern Nevada: Las Vegas, Henderson, Lauglin, Mesquite
Southern California: San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire

Las Vegas Polynesian Dancers
San Diego Polynesian Dancers
Orange County Polynesian Dancers
Los Angeles Polynesian Dancers
Inland Empire Polynesian Dancers
Las Vegas Showgirls
San Diego Showgirls
Orange County Showgirls
Los Angeles Showgirls
Inland Empire Showgirls
Las Vegas Santa Claus
San Diego Santa Claus
Orange County Santa Claus
Los Angeles Santa Claus
Inland Empire Santa Claus
Las Vegas Christmas Carolers
San Diego Christmas Carolers
Orange County Christmas Carolers
Los Angeles Christmas Carolers
Inland Empire Christmas Carolers
Las Vegas Beer Garden Girls
San Diego Beer Garden Girls
Orange County Beer Garden Girls
Los Angeles Beer Garden Girls
Inland Empire Beer Garden Girls

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