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Jazz Groups

We have a great range of jazz ensembles to choose from including the traditional jazz quintet, quartet, trio or duo. If limited for space, we can help you select the proper size group that would produce the best sound at your reception venue. Our range of entertainment means we can cater to events that are sassy and upbeat or laid-back and relaxed, there is a genre of jazz that will delight and please all ages.

Jazz Ensembles

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You can enjoy yourself and impress your guests with the best jazz entertainers and still stay within your budget. A Grand Celebration with just the right amount of sophistication is only a phone call away.

Our jazz musicians have a wealth of experience at providing professional entertainment. They are specialists in offering music entertainment for weddings, corporate events, banquets, conferences, jazz festivals, fairs and all kinds of parties in Las Vegas but will travel the world. Traditional Jazz, Dixieland Jazz, Mainstream, Swing, Bebop, it's all here!

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